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Welcome to Hale Associations. Hale Associations offers a variety of different web development services, from SEO services to Web Design services. We have the knowledge, experience and software to set realistic goals, achieve high rankings, gain traffic and develop your online business and website. When it comes to developing a website, there's nothing we can't do to help you and your business succeed.

Every website and online business is different. On top of that, everyone has different needs. No two websites are alike. Our web development specialist will evaluate your website and business. We'll discuss your website, business, current situation, evaluation results and formulate a development plan that will ensure the online success of your business and website.

Unlike major SEO companies and web development agencies, Hale Associations has the ability to operate your entire online business. Your business won't be passed alone from one agent to another. Our experience with all the major search engines will ensure that your website will never be penalized. Our white hat SEO approach has always worked effectively and you should expect nothing different.

As you can see, Hale Associations offers dozens of web development services to their clients. Our pricing varies depending on the needs and current situation of your website. We do provide free quotes, free evaluations and free weekly reports. If you're ready to grow your website, business, revenue and profits, be sure to contact us today!


Our Promise

One element that sets us a part from other SEO and Web Development companies is our dedication and commitment to your success. With 24/7 support, top web development software and a proven track record of success, you won't find another company more dedicated to your success.

Hale Associations is here to provide the highest quality of services at affordable prices well below our competition. Learn what Hale Associations can do for you.

Web Development Services


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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO can be used to increase your traffic, rankings and profits. Our SEO Services will help you grow your business and reach your target audience through search engines.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing or SMM is used to grow your social media network, brand and connect with customers on a personal level. Our SMM Services will help you grow your brand as we post, develop and build your social platforms


Web Design

Responsive websites can cost thousands of dollars, leaving you broke and searching for answers. Our Web Design services can build you a responsive website without all the added cost. Most websites are built at $1,000 or less.


24/7 Customer Support

At Hale Associations, you'll receive full customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you ever need anything, we're just a call away. Talk to a live person every time without long wait times. 

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Hale Associations was founded in 2013 but our Web Development Specialist have years of experience. You won't find a more committed team of professionals to help you grow your online business.

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SEO Services

At Hale Associations, we offer very competitive SEO services. Also known as search engine optimization, SEO is needed to help your website and blog grow. SEO techniques can be used to optimize your website and blog so you can be found in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

There's hundreds of different elements that determine a website's SEO strength, value and authority. Although no one knows the SEO equation completely, all the major search engines publish information regarding search engine optimization., guidelines and practices.  

It's nearly impossible for a website to succeed with search engine optimization. Hale Associations' SEO experts are here to help your website and business grow traffic, rankings, sales and profits.  It doesn't matter what situation or condition your site is in, we can help you achieve your goals using white hat SEO methods and techniques.                                                                                                                               

Start-Up Websites

Hale Associations specializes in start-up websites and blogs. If you have a new website or you're thinking about having a website developed for your business, we can help. We've helped hundreds of start-up websites get started on developing their websites and blogs. It doesn't matter what niche you're in, we can help you immediately.

Most webmasters don't realize the time and commitment that it takes to develop a website and grow organic rankings online. When you're a new website, don't expect to rank high immediately. Most web development specialist will tell you that it takes 6-12 months before you can have a hold on your organic rankings.

You have to build authority, trust and website strength as a young website and blog. You may be competing against websites that have been online for decades. If the keyword list for your website is competitive, it's going to take a long time to start ranking your own keywords. You have to be in this for the long run  Then and only then will you see success developing your website.

Nearly 45 percent of our clients have a start-up project. We take our client's plans and bring them to life. We'll develop your business plan, research your best route and carefully implement strategies to develop your start-up website.


From SEO to Web Design, Hale Associations offers a variety of web development services to individuals and corporations. We're here to help you build your business, brand, network and profits. Every online business has to start somewhere and building the right foundation for your online business is crucial. You need a team of web development and SEO specialist to help you build rankings, power your click-through-rates and implement detailed strategies along the way.

Growing an online business takes time, commitment, hard work and proven techniques to give you your ROI. We help you plan ahead in every area of online development. Our team and associates will be here every step of the way to help you succeed in any online venture with your business. From SEO services to Web Design, we have everything you'll ever need to succeed with your online business. Be sure to call us today for a free consult and evaluation.

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